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Thursday, December 02, 2010

gelabah nak balik bercuti (:

Amacam title artikel aku? Pelik ke aku nak share pasal aku nak balik? Mestiah tidak! Hahaha. Bukannya apa, saja nak share pengalaman lucu aku nak balik kali ini. J
     Alkisah bermula..chewah! hari aku nak balik tu aku ada paper. Paper aku pagi tu  subject organizational behavior.  Paper kita orang pagi tu mula kol 9.00am, tamat kol 12.00pm. Nak di jadikan cerita, gelabah la katakan, aku blh abiskan last paper aku tu dengan penuh semangat. Dalam masa 2jam je aku dh blah. Confident la kononnya aku dapat jawab 11 soalan itu dengan jayanya. hahhahaXD.
     Tengah hari tu aku dah siap-siapkan apa yang patut (bukan apa yang patut, semua sebenarnya) sebab aku dah janji dengan member(classmate) aku ni tolong anta barang kat rumah member aku sorang lagi. Haish, apala banyak punya member! Hahaha.
     Dipanjangkan cerita supaya sedaap didengar, roommate aku ni tadi ada belik kek lapis Sarawak beberapa hari before tu. Tapi bila di check last day tu, boleh la plak kan kek tu dah berkulat. :’( sedey ni. So, aku pun mnta tolong kat member aku ni. Lepas kita orang hantar barang yang nak disimpan kat rumah member aku sorang lagi, aku plan nak g beli la kek lapis kan.
     Tapi yang sedihnye, masa aku susun barang dalam kereta member aku tu, kereta tu x muat, padahal aku estimate cukup2 je kan. Aku cakap la kat member aku ni, “lepas anta barang2 ni kat rumah si A, kita dating sini lagi untuk ambil luggage yang nanti aku nak bawa balik.” Member aku ni x la banyak songeh. Dia ON je. Hahahaha.
     Lepas kita orang balik dari anta barang2 yang berapa penting tu kat rumah si A, kita orang boleh slumber badak je kan blah tanpa mengingati luggage yang aku nak bawa balik td. Ntah berapa banyak dh round-about kita orang dah pusing baru la member aku sorang ni ingat yang kita orang belum ambil luggage aku kat kolej. Huh! Aku punya la nebes. Barang penting kot. Aku pun terus kol aku pnya roommate, gtau dia yang luggage aku tu tertinggal kat kolej.

Roomate    : Hello
Aku        : Hello..wei roomie, hang kat ne?
Roomate    : Aku dah on the way dah.
Aku        : (alamak!) Hang dah blah ke dari kolej?
Roomate    : A’ah. Ye la. Kenapa?
Aku        : (adoiii..kenapa la awal plak budak ni nak blah) Hang taw tak luggage
and beg aku tertinggal kat kolej?
Roomate    : Tau… aku masih kat kolej.
Aku        : (wth, she’s know it?) ye ke? Blh tak tolong nnt bawa g airport?
Roomate    : Owh..ok. no hal.
Aku        : (syukur ar ada budak ni lagi kat kolej ) thanks.

Memanjang je aku smile masa tu kan. Ye la, lega ada juga orang sudi bawa luggage buruk aku tu g airport.
     Sampai kat airport kita lepak kat KFC. Huh! Bukan main lagi kan korang kutuk aku. Seluar tido la. Selendang pun korang cakap jadi towel. Aku kecik ati beb :( xda la..aku suka apa lepak ngan korang. Xla boring duk dlam balai berlepas ti sorang2. Nak membebel pun xblh. Karang orang ingat “orang gila” mana la yang terlepas kat airport tu kan.
     Well, aku tiba dengan selamat juga kat kampong walaupun banyak dugaannya. Antaranya ialah luggage tertinggal kt kolej, hujan lebat(my father cannot see clearly), pokok tumbang menghempap jalan and banjir. Tetapi kita orang harungi juga! S.A.V.E :)
                See u next time. :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


In the delicately shrouded heart
of this white rose, a patient eye,
the eye of love.
Knows who I am, and where I've been
tonight and what I've done.

I have been watching the white rose
For hours imagining
each tremor of each petal to be like a breath
that silences and soothes.
" Look at it," I'd say to you
if you were here :
"It is a sign of what is brief,
and lonely and in love."

But you have gone and so I'll call it wise:
A patient breath, an eye, a rose
that opens up too easily and dies.

by Ian Hamilton ( 1938-2001)

Monday, September 27, 2010

My new target!!!!!!

Nowadays everyone go crazy over iphone plus iphone4 which has 4g. Aigoo!! that scared me. Want to know why? because im interested too~ LMAO

My target 

me likey iphone4

What make me crazy over it?
The iPhone4 is a latest smartphone designed and developed by Apple. It is the fourth generation of iPhone, and successor to the iPhone 3Gs. It is particularly marketed for video calling, consumption of media such as books and periodicals, movies, music and games ( eventhough im not really into games :) and for general web and e-mail access. ( this good/ advantage mebcause im addicted to surfing internet ) .

Plus, the iPhone4 runs Apple ios ( Apple mobile operating system ), the same operating system as used on previous iPhones, the iPad, and the iPod Touch. It is primarily controlled by a user's fingertips on the multi-touch display, which is sensitive to finger contact.

But the problem is...
I dont know how to tell my mom about it. Its really hard. LOL. And im sure my mom will not give me permission to buy a new phone because i just bought my new phone on march/april. And my handphone just too many <-- like what others say to me ( even its only 3 which covered 4 sim card ). LMAO

Last but not least....
Ok, let wait for my update soon. Lets see if i can persuade my parents to buy me one! BUT im not put high hope on it. *pray for me :)*

-- Let see the result..i'll inform u all as soon as i get it..hahahahaXD --

Friday, August 20, 2010

Interesting facts about Messi

Messi social sytem relationship~

Short fact:
But the "God Messi", as we begin to call in Spain and Argentina, not only is the new king of world football, but has also begun to reign in the world of the Internet, as evidenced by the following:
Interesting facts:
  • The profile of Leo Messi on Wikipedia are translated into over 60 languages. 
  • Lionel Messi has more than 5.2 million pages indexed in Google, still far from David Beckham (18 million) and Cristiano Ronaldo (16 million). 
  • There are 822.000 Lionel Messi photos in Google Image. 
  • 13.900 news about Lionel Messi were indexed by Google on 07 April. 
  • More than half a million blogs with information about the Argentine player. 
  • You can find more than 2,400 photos on Flickr looking for his name. 
  • 13.000 There are scores of people on Facebook who call themselves Lionel Messi. 
  • There are currently more than 1,400 pages of Barcelona's fans in Spain. 
  • The most famous Messi page on Facebook has 1.5 million fans. 
  • Like Facebook, there are hundreds of Twitter users who call themselves Messi. 
  • 1.378 In Hi5 users who say there called Lionel Messi (also there are 49 groups on the player). 
  • There are about 6,000 videos available on YouTube Messi. 
  • The most watched video on YouTube Leo Messi has about 6 million copies. 
  • Had settled in 216 Delicious bookmarks can be recorded with Lionel Messi.
translate by google translate

Messi is the best!

Lionel Messi
Profile of Lionel  Messi
Name: Lionel Andrés MESSI
Country: Argentina
Place of birth: Rosario
Date of birth: 06-24-1987
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 67 kg
Current club: FC Barcelona
Position: Attacker (winger/second-striker)

Achievements to date
Titles with FC Barcelona:
2009-10 Spanish League (Liga)
2008-09 UEFA Champions League
FIFA Club World Cup
Spanish League (Liga)
Kings Cup
European Supercup
Spanish Supercup
2006-07 Spanish Supercup
2005-06 UEFA Champions League
2005-06 Spanish League (Liga)
2005-06 Spanish Supercup
2004-05 Spanish League (Liga)

International Titles with Argentina:
2004-2005 Under-20 World Champion
2008 Gold medallist at the Beijing Olympic Games

Individual honors:
2009/2010 European Golden Shoe
2009 named FIFA World Player of the Year
2009 winner of the Golden Ball award
2006-07-08-09 named Player of the Year by World Soccer
2009 named in the “World XI of the decade” line-up published by The Sun
2009 best-ranked footballer on the list of sports champions of the decade published
by L’Équipe
2009 named Best European Player by El País

First word from SUPERSTAR [ first interview ]
- He being interview for the first time when he was 12 years old. [ Rosalia, La Capital ]
Title : Today we will introduce Lionel Andres Messi to you...

Detail from the interview~
Dream: Play for Argentina
Sadness: The death of my grandmother.
Memory: Grandmother took me to play football for the first time.
Ambition/ career: Sport teacher.
Humble: Something that should always you have in yourself.
Friends: Thanks God that I have many good friends. If someone have ask me about their name, I'll not forget even one.

credit:wisel magazine

Ø  Rob Hughes
“I don’t know if you can say that, because what he did last year was just ridiculous.”
“I think he is maintaining what he was doing then. I mean he’s playing at a level like that.”
“Well, look I just don’t want him to stop,”
“Nobody at Barcelona wants him to stop playing like this. But it is kind of ridiculous what he’s doing.”
“He is just so amazing. It is a complete joy to see him playing like this.”
“Lionel Messi is currently the best player in the world. Fantastic and incredible, considering that he is only 22-years-old. You can effectively compare him with Maradona.”
Ø  Thierry Henry
Sir Alex Ferguson’s protégé is in the form of his life though; there is no question about that. Deadly in the box, he has married a collection of predatory strikes with a catalogue of headed efforts. But they are not goals that cause jaws to drop in amazement and fans to forward on YouTube links with childish enthusiasm.

Messi, with his precocious dribbling skills, expert finishing, raw pace and brilliant football brain, scores such goals on a ridiculously regular basis. Moments that engage the imagination are his stock in trade, and he produced another on Wednesday night with that thrilling first goal.
Ø  Christian Gross
“Lionel Messi is the best in the world. What he contributes with his talent makes him stand out. He could become the best player in history.”
Ø  Victor Valdes
He is the best player in the world maybe the best player ever and all we can do is to enjoy him while we can and be thankful to be able to see his magic, Lionel Andrés Messi is just 22 years old but already the big name in the history books of FC Barcelona, Argentina and Football.

"Lionel Andrés Messi is the first and only player to score 2 continuous hat-tricks for FC Barcelona."

Best Player

more and more trophy

Lionel Messi is the best for now and forever!
Keep up your good work. !!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Meowen is HERE

I really have no idea what is meowen means to me before BUT after long time chat at CR I realized that my life is wonderful. I have been chat at CR for a year now if I’m not mistaken. To be honest, I still do not know all of the meowen members. It hard because meow family is sooo big and the family tree is giving me headache. Lmao! That’s the truth! Am I right? Correct me if I’m wrong. Okay, here the people in meow family that special in my heart
  • ü  Thanks to Mhyra who gather all of us who chat at CR.
  • ü  Because of her I still stay at CR. She keeps update the new room if there are changes.
  • ü   She really hard working. Update about DBSK in speed. She is so helpful. She makes me keep update about DBSK. Thanks MhyMhy. J
  • ü  She has warm hearted. She like a mother to me. When I go to CR, and I talked to her about my problem, she always there for me.
  • ü  I don’t know if she still remember, but I have once talked about my problem with her. [ about I broke up with my boyfriend ] There only her at that time. Well, logically there is no one at 4am at CR right. Plus, it was weekday. She advised me. And I really appreciate it.


  • ü  I think I really should mention her name here. She like an older sister to me. I love her very much. * heart sign*
  • ü  We don’t talk much but I don’t know why; I really just want to always keep in touch with her.
  • ü  She among the old members of meow family I knew.
  • ü  What she talked is make sense. She always thinks positive.
  • ü  Thanks for the “J” necklace that she gave me back then. I take care of it very much. Like I take care of myself.
  • ü  One day, I’ll give a present. A special one! Just wait.J


  • ü  I think one reason I still stay and go to CR is because of this girl. J
  • ü  But I didn’t see her come to CR that often anymore. The crazy girl.
  • ü  Inbar and I get a present from Tiff. So, it means that Inbar and I is twin. Hahaha..
  • ü  We both have “J” necklace. * love love *
  • ü  I think it was me the first person bring her to tiny chat before. It was in middle of August if I'm not mistaken.


  • ü  Can I forget this girl? Of course NOT. LOL~
  • ü  Wherever I go, I’ll remember her. You know why; because she hates Jaejoong the most.XD
  • ü  She has a wonderful voice. I like it when she does fan service things. PLUS with Inbar make her dance. AND Mhy is DJ.* thumbs up*


  • ü  These people are old members of meow family. It before I got know the others. Even there only few of us, but the tiny chat is already crowded.
  • ü  Harang – she is WOW! She daring, stubborn. I like the way she act. Always be herself. Doggie yaah!
  • ü  Selina – I don’t think meowen will forget this girl. LOL. Sel the pervert. Oppss!! She can give u a headache if u do not like the topic she pro at. J
  • ü  Serbelle – This cutey, look like Selina. Many of meowen thought they are twin.BUT they’re not. Serbelle is more innocent compare to Selina. Hehehe..Poor Selina.:(


  • ü  I got to know these people when we move to TVXQROOM FUN CHAT.
  • ü  These people are super duper crazyJ. Beat me! I can tell you CR is a place no one want to go if these people is not there.
  • ü  Nezzie – she is talk active, always be the younger in our CR. Talk crap, being innocent wth..BUT I can beat u all, she is smart!
  • ü  Huong unnie – unnie I love u. We both like MU. Thanks for the update about the team. I know I can’t update anything about the team because I’m at college. There is no TV.LOL~ More, she also concern about others.
  • ü  Hyo – hye girl! U knows I like u very much. We at the same age but now u at your degree level. I’m jealous. ^_^ I adore you.
  • ü  Jac – My rival. We both love Jaejoong very much. Even many others at outside love Jaejoong, but when it comes to Jaejoong, I always think about Jac first.
  • ü  Hyerin [my buddy] – the most moments I remember with u is when both of us does the fan service thing the whole day and continued the day next. That’s CRAZY! But we have done it J
  • ü  Linhiee – we don’t talk much to each other. But I admire her. I like her writing. I like her idea and her view of life. She makes me to think more and more about what happen around me and about life.
  • ü  Syikin unnie – Thanks unnie because always be there for me. I remember when I talk to you about my situation during my final exam. You comfort me. You asked me to be confident about myself.Have Faith.  Like we “always keep the faith” for our boys.


  • ü  Knowing you guys is the best things that happen in my life.
  • ü  Make me addicted to go to CR and talk anything I want.
  • ü  You peoples color my life. Make me bust laughing in silence time.
  • ü  Laugh at the corner by myself. Make me looked like a crazy people.
  • ü  You all shared a lot of thing with me.
  • ü  Without these people, CR is a BORING place. And CR will be the last we want to visit.


  • ü  Love both of u. Maybe some people may think why is Iva being my mommi? Why not me be her mum? I'm more older than her. Well, I don’t know why. I just want Iva be my mum. The way she thinks show that she is more matured. I do not tell others are not, but I just want her. She really a caring person.
  • ü  Sarah mommi also take care of me. She caring. She always inspired me. I miss her.


  • ü  These are fan boys in our CR.
  • ü  I feel happy have u guys at CR.
  • ü  And I know it hard for you guys to communicate because there are freak fan girl in the same room, rite? LOL ~ I didn’t say anything.

è I know that lot all of the meow family members are not here. I’m sorry. Maybe I have missed you out. L But I really didn’t mean it. Don’t blame me. I have bad memory. Hopefully you happy that your name is here. I want you all know that I'm happy that I have know you people.Last but not least, HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY TO TINYCHAT. 

Meoooowwww Family

Nice one! Thanks Myhra Unnie :)

Friday, August 06, 2010


Here the weekend again..!
What I'm going to do??

--> Movies marathon(of course)
--> Surfing internet the whole day..:)
--> Packed my stuff..I'm moving out soon..haha..(:
--> sleep and sleep and sleep again..
--> Shopping?? don't have money..LOL~
--> Study?? OH NO!! but my test for FIN and MSIA ECO is on the corner..pity me..:(

WTH! I have no idea what im going to do this weekend? what can i imagine is a bad weekend (borink)..hehehe..

Friday, July 30, 2010

More+ More+More about me (^,^)

Full Name: Philomena Suling Kawit

Single or Taken: errr…for now im single..;)

Sex: Female.

Birthday: 0102

Sign: Aquarius

Siblings: the oldest..

Eye colour: Dark Brown

Height: 163-166cm..not sure..

Country born: Malaysia..

Innie or Outie: eh? half2..

What are you wearing right now: short pant and one-string.

Where do you live: at my house..hehehe..

Righty or lefty: Righty..

Any pets: nope..

Where do you work?: ow! Im still studying..:)

Do you like to text?: yes..but not all the time..

Play an instrument?: no, but I wish i can learn how to play guitar..

Have any Tattoos?: no..wanna die soon? parents will kill me..;(

Who are your best friends: anyone? can i keep it secret..?

Do you have a bf or gf?: Yeah! I have both..:XD

Best place to go for a date: at beach..or maybe at garden..

Longest relationship: 20 + my parents..hehe..couple? not more than a year..

Shortest relationship: 2 weeks maybe..WORSE!

Outgoing or introverted?: Outgoing

Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?: huh? Of course no..we broke up..;(

How many gf/bf have told you they love you?: all of them..huhu..biasa la cinta monyet..

Have you ever thought you were going to marry someone?: I will get married soon..LOL

Are you crushin' on someone?: hehehe..

Are you happier single or in a relationship?: both..

Have you ever been cheated on?: ermmm..I guess so..

Have you ever been with someone who was taken at the time?: to be honest yes..But I didn’t know..Not my fault..hahaha..(‘’,)

Have you ever had your heart broken?: yes..;(

Have you ever broken someones heart?: maybe..if so, im sorie..>_<

Do you talk to any of your ex's?: eh? Yes..but just2 u know..

Do you believe that you are a good bf/gf?: maybe I'm not good enough..=_+

Have you dated people who were not good for you?: ermm..idk

Have you ever been in an abusive relationship?: NO! and I wish I will never have that kind of relationship.

Have you ever dated someone older than you?: Of course..I think they are more matured.

How about younger than you?: yes..and I promise to myself that I’ll never date someone younger than me again.!

Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?: Of course.

Believe in love at first sight?: Always falling in love at 1st sight..hahaha..

Ever been given an engagement ring?:! anyone?

Do you want to get married?: :) Of course I do!

Ever stolen someone's bf or gf?: wtf..NO!

Does heartbreak really feel as bad as it sounds?: -_- it’s bad!

Is your gf/bf the most amazing person?: well..

Favorite kind of pants: short..jeans..

Favorite Number: 2, 10 ( 01/02)

Drink: Nescafe / Coke

Sport: Netball, volleyball, basketball, handball

Fast-Food Place: KFC, McD, Sugarbun.

Band: Estranged

Group : DBSK / TVXQ

Movie: Comedy, romantic, thriller, dance

Favorites cartoon/anime character: Detective Conan.

Color: White, soft pink.

Food: Mee goreng mamak,seafood..spicy food.

Ice Cream?: I like it! Chocolate…

Place to relax: My bed or my special place ~hill *secret* shhh!

Magazine: URTV,Rapi,Wanita,Wisel/kaki bola.

Person to hang out with: My friends.

Place to go on the weekends: shopping..hahahaha..

Thing to wear to bed: pyjama/short pant and one string.

Memory : ????

Book: Comics, Novel

Thing about the opposite sex: extinct

Played truth or dare: yes.

Been in a physical fight: noo! Eh, yes! Eh, noo! Hahhaa..

Been in a police car: Hell no!

Come close to dying: yes. I have surgery before. Dead and alive..hehehe..

Fallen asleep in school: I think I have never fallen asleep in school before.

Ran away: from someone..yes, I do..!

Cried when someone died: yes..i’m sensitive..easily cry..

Cried in school: yes!

Fell off your chair: In primary school if im not mistaken..

Sat by the phone all night waiting for a call: ermm..

Saved MSN conversations: nooo..i have no MSN..LOL

Saved e-mails: yes.

Used someone: what for??

Done something you regret?: many..

Been drunk before noon: NO!

Had sex in a public place: Yarh! Never! so stupid..#_#

Got caught telling a lie: hahaha..always..I’m not good in telling a lie..

Littered?: ?

Cheated in a relationship?: huh! U know..? yes, I do..XD

Cried during a movie: muahhhaahahha..from what I said before I guess u know sensitive ok..

Your good luck charm: idk..

Best song you ever heard: so many..kiss the baby sky is one of it.

Stupidest thing you have ever done: why should I tell u?

What's your room like: simple..enough if it is comfortable..right?

Last thing you said: right?

What is beside you: my handphone..

What shampoo do you use: secret garden.

What body shampoo do you use? : Currently, Aroma theraphy Lissons.

Something that has happened to you this year: bad or good?

Worst thing that has happened to you this year: my relationship with someone doesn’t goes smoothly.

Your most missed memory: National service at Kem Similajau, Bintulu.

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear: Blue?: My ex favorite color..(^,^)

Today's date: 30th July 2010.

What is the best grade you've ever gotten on an essay: A+..

On your feet?: -nothing..

If you were stuck on an island, what people would you want with : “ Father” to pray for me if im die..

If you loved someone and you were keeping something from them and: that person will get angry.

Do you admire anyone?: yes. Want to know his name?? hehe..

Who is the last person that called you: my mum..asking for my ticket flight..haha..

Who is the last person that text you:? Anis GJP

Who was the last person you slow danced with: my brother..

What makes you laugh the most: Funny story/ accidents..( roll on the floor)

What makes you smile: anything..that make me happy..

Do you like filling these out: eh? Just so so..

Do you wear contacts or glasses?: Both..NO

Do you like yourself: I love myself more than anyone else..

Do you get along with your family: Of course!

Want to have children?: Around 3 or 4 maybe..hahahaha..

Do you like mornings?: 4am in the morning..XD

Do you enjoy seafood?: sure..

What makes you happy: Something that I wish will happen to me..even if it is just a small matter.

What did you do yesterday: class,eat,class,watched movie,replacement class,movie,online.

Got any awards: education? social? Both..

What car do you wish to have: Ferrari or if cannot maybe supra? Am I asking too much?

Do you want to get married: Of course..* get excited*..boohooohoo..^,^

If you could change anything about yourself, what would you change: Nothing..I'm who I am..

Good driver
: mum once said this to me ‘ u make my blood pressure high’..;(

Good dancer
: Yorh! I enjoy it..yeah, keep moving..go plo go..hahaha..

Good Singer
: invite the rain..LOL~

How many remote controls are in your house: 6 maybe..not sure..

Are you double jointed:

What do you dream about: My study, my future life~future husband, career,house, car, vacation…

Last time you showered: this morning..

The last movie you saw at the theaters: Predator.. ( not all people

Scary or happy movies: Scary..

Root beer or Dr. Pepper: Root beer..

Mud or Jell-O wrestling: neither one..

Vanilla or chocolate: Chocolate

Summer or winter: Both..

Silver or Gold: silver

Diamond or pearl: Pearl

Sunset or Sunrise: sunset..

Sprite or 7up: sprite

Orange juice or apple juice: apple juice

Cats or dogs: NO!

Coffee or tea: tea time..

Phone or in person: Depend..

Oldest, middle, youngest or only child: me? Oldest..

Indoor or Outdoor: Outdoor..fresh air..

Describe Yourself In One Word: Ambitious..

What's your biggest mistake?: errr…

#1 Priority in your life: of course study!

Dream job: business women..

Special talents: Dance,bidding..

Where are you right now?: my room..

Famous person you'd like to meet: DBSK ( celebrities ) / Messi ( football player )..

Place to visit before you die: 100 most beautiful place in the world..

Song to be played at your funeral:,,,,,,,

Had the Chicken pox: yes.

Ever gotten a scar: yes.

Dated outside your race?: yes..1 Malaysia..hahhaa..

Dated your good friend/best friend?: hell no! hopefully never..!

Sung in the shower?: sometimes…

Spit in someone's drink?: eiiiwww!!

Dumped someone?: well..not mean to..

Had more than five REAL bf/gf?: in one time? how bout scandal? hahaha..Playgirl should play hard..

Played a computer game for more than 5 hours?: long time ago..nowadays, im not really into computer games.

Spun yourself in circles to get dizzy on purpose?: yes..just for fun..

Laughed so hard it hurt?: happiness is scary because it won’t last forever.

Cried yourself to sleep?: few times..

Cried in public?: err..never..yes..

Thrown up in public?: hell no!

Lied to your parents?: it not really a lying..

Skipped class?: always! Bad student..

Slept in class?: never..i can’t sleep in friends always make noise!