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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Fall In Love

Have you ever fall in love with someone but you afraid to tell that person that you love him. You have no confident with yourself. You feel shy toward your own feeling. This situation always happens to us. Am I right? Why this happen to us? Why the others can express their feeling easily? But you cannot? Have you think about it?

Have you all watch drama “BOYS OVER FLOWERS”? If yes, that good, but if no, I advice you all watch it..haha..;-D For me it was a good drama. I already watched it for 3 times. And I found something. But, before I tell you guys what I found, I want to share one story with you all. This story happen two years ago when I joining National Service. I fall with one guy. For me, he is handsome. But honestly, I’m not fall in love with him because he handsome. There are many goods quality of him in my eyes. Actually, he’s not the one I fall in first. I just fall in love with him in the middle of our service. There only one month left until I realize that I like him. But I have no confident to tell him that I like him. I afraid to being laugh by him. So, I never try to express my feeling toward him. Even if he sat beside me, I have no courage to take that advantage to tell him. Until the last day, I still do nothing. My friends always ask me to get close with him. But I can’t!!! Two years have past and we never meet again…;-P But in my heart, he is still there. I cannot forgot he easily..;-D

That why, I don’t believe what happen in BOF drama. Gun Jun Pyo have believe in himself and have confident to told Jan Di that he fall in love with her. Gun Jun Pyo once said this to Jan Di. “It better to regret your actions, instead of regretting because you didn’t do anything”. And also I proud of that Ga Eul have confident told Yi Jung that she loves him. She tries her best for her love and never gives up. And now I realize it. We need to fight for our love. Don’t just wait and see. Now, I have regretted it that I cannot tell the person that I love him.

So, my dearest friend, let fight for our love life. Let do our best to win our love. If before this you just wait other person to tell they love you, why not now you try your best to tell that person you love him. The one you truly love because “ a memory of true love is like a favorite song, no matter how many times it plays again, you never get tired of it”.

Quote to share;

♡ Love is the key to open the door of happiness.

Lots of love;
- QuinnBeryl -

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  1. *cough* know your past...:D i though you are a cold one..;p


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