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Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Why are you smiling? Fall in love with someone? Happy?
Definitely because you are fall in love, right???
We all know that Valentine Day is around the corner. where do you plan to celebrate it with your girlfriend or boyfriend? Restaurant? Theme park ? I never know..haha..

Valentine..and VALENTINE DAY...♥♥♥
Happy moment for those who have partner..How about us that single?
Don't worry dear. If your don't have lover that doesn't mean no one love you..
You can celebrate it with your family. Like I do. I plan to celebrate it with my family..;-D
What most important here is, your LOVE relationship. Be truth to your partner. Sharing what you feel. It doesn't mind sad or happy. Your lover is someone that you wish to live in future.
For husband and wife, tolerate with your partner. Always LOVE each other.
I have nothing much to say.

Quote to share;

We LOVE our partner not because they perfect
but because they perfect just for us..

Always consider your partner feeling..
Don't just think about yourself..

Hope all of us happy during the celebration of Valentine Day..
" if you cannot avoid it, just enjoy it "

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  1. advisor..:P will u give me a chocolate for valentines day? XD poor me.i dont have any1~ :( (kecik pun jadilah) hahahah


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