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Friday, March 12, 2010

I ♡ Me

this is my life

this is me..

☆I'm just a simple girl...

- daring

- stubborn

- ambitious

- sometime shy - sometimes I became talk active person

- but sometimes I become quiet person * silent mood*

- love freedom

- too sensitive / easily get hurt

- humble

- shopaholic

- love hangout

- but I'm not the person who hangout with my friends when mid-night is coming
- love junk food
- love McDonald, KFC, Sugar Bun, Merry Brown

Here we go...1..2..3..

This is my favorites sport..

if can, I want to continue to play sport

unfortunately, I can't...^_^

I start joined this sport when I was 11 years old..
I love this sport.

I play this sport when I was 9 years old..

My favorite sport..but long time not play it...;-(

I play this sport when I was 9 years old..

This is my real favorite sport..

I have play this sport and enjoy it very much..

I hope one day I have given a chance to play this sport again with my team members.

I have a good performance in this sport..haha..:-)

just believe it..

by the way, I also love to play volley ball and futsal..


This is my DREAM cars..

- pink colour -

- yellow colour -


when can I have this car..huhu...^_^

I want this car...!!!!!

MORE about Me...!!!

I like peaceful place..


hope one day I can go holiday here...:-)

I love beach more and more..

= peaceful

= nice place to visit with my lovers..hehe...@_@

I love musicccccc!!!!!

I love to hear songs...

I love to sing a songs...haha..;-)

When i went shopping, this items are my favorites..

especially T-shirt..

among all above, I love Ice-cream more..


and I enjoy ate it with everyone that I know..

*secret* I only eat ice cream with anyone that I close too...

so, how about we eat ice cream together..

then, we will become close..hehe...

don't lose your chance...COME..COME...


Finally..we are here...

I love cute doll...

this so cute....

sexy ~ cutey

I do like cute things...

I like cute pet..

I like cute handphone..

I like cute boys..haha..*miang/gatal*

every times I fall in love, this is the result..


bad luck...

being yourself is the best to happy...:D

> I'm crazy

> Lazy

> Happy go lucky

> Smile easily

> Cry easily..

Thats all about me..

I'm happy to share this info with everyone..

enJoY it...

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