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Thursday, October 06, 2011

New Journey

Hello everybodeh :)
Nice to write here again after a long tyme break or maybe holiday.. Hehe
Now, I'm back.. Hopefully can update my blog often.
What about me now? Well, now im continuing my study at UiTM campus Samarahan. Taking my BBaFin.
Feeling? Happy <3.
I want to start my another new journey again here.
Have started my class since last month. But it doesnt going well. I mean that it really hard for me to catch up with what my lecturers say in front or any lesson in my class. ( Due to long holiday- about 4 months) Uhuhu. My bad or my invitation to continuing study is bad? Ahak!
Hopefully its just for a few weeks ( i thinks it too long) that i have this problem. This is because my semester is not that long. Just about 4-5 month i think. Fighting for me! LOL

See yah y'all next time. Have a great moments :)

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